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Pay24-7 empowers any organisation with the opportunity to employ state-of-the-art procedures to collect money, with no necessity to understand the sophisticated technology and principles used. The world expects to use plastic cards to pay for any items online. The realisation of the power of the Internet supports easy access to every money related processes. Pay24-7 facilitates a single place on the Internet where payments can be made for services, products, card top-up and fees securely, reliably, quickly, and simply using credit card and/or debit card in real time. Pay24-7 is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to process transactions in just a few seconds.

Pay24-7 . . .  highest security

Making use of Public Key Infrastructure, Digital Certificates and 1024 bit and 128 bit key length for asymmetric and symmetric encryption respectively we ensure the strongest level of security by any online payment collection provider. There is NO safer way to use your cards, in person or online. Pay24-7 is the first such service offered to Smart/Swipe card users.

Pay24-7 . . .  the future today!

Universities, schools, local governments and corporate organisations are now looking outside traditional payment practices by embracing new technologies that provide people with more accessible, more responsive and more cost effective payment delivery channels. Pay24-7 meets these aspirations by including the many different methods of payments available.

Pay24-7 is recognised as one of the leading players in this specialised e-payment sector.

Pay24-7 . . .  Champions of e-government initiatives

The UK Government committed to ensuring that the UK is well placed to become a world leader in the new electronic age. Our 'e-government' agenda encourages both local and national government together with all businesses to be at the forefront of this digital revolution. Pay24-7 can play a major role giving real impetus to this and other initiatives worldwide.

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