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Ball State University has contracted Western Union, a specialist in global business payments to provide you with simple and low cost method of paying fees to Ball State University in your own currency.

Enter student information as shown below and then press NEXT to continue with the payment process in your own currency. All fields marked with * are required. Accurate information will ensure that funds are allocated to the student account at Ball State University promptly. If you are paying on behalf of a student your information will also be required at a later stage.

Please note: Payments are due on the 1st day of each month. Please be sure to begin the wire process 5-7 days prior to the due date. If you are making the payment close to the due date, you should contact The Office of Bursar & Loan Administration at 765-285-1645 to inform them of the payment.
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Any queries about payments please contact:
  • If you are a current BSU student or the Authorized Payer of a current student, you may go online at www.bsu.edu/quickpay to view your account activity. Questions may be directed to The Office of Bursar & Loan Administration at 765-285-1643 or Bursar@bsu.edu.
  • For general enquiries about the payment system, please email studentinquiries@travelex.com
  • For more information on Western Union please visit http://www.travelexbusiness.com.

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