Cardiff University

Cardiff University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to allow students the opportunity to securely send international wire transfers for payment of tuition and/or accommodation fees in their local currency.

The process is simple in that once the application form has been completed, Western Union will provide you with an instant quote for the cost of your fees in your local currency and this quotation is guaranteed for 72 hours. Once you agree to the offer, you will then be required to instruct your own bank (this can be done via internet banking) to transfer funds in your local currency to Western Union. Western Union will then forward a sterling payment on to the University. As the transfer is initiated in your local currency there are no expensive international bank charges and Western Union ensure we receive the full amount so there are no costly delays to your enrolment.

Western Union will send you a confirmation email once the payment is settled.

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For general enquiries about Western Union Business Solutions please visit